Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cross-country skiing by three people, plus two sets of footsteps, and a daschund, Tali, Helsinki


  1. I haven't been x-country skiing for a few years now, but the sound is so familiar! I love how it crescendos and decrescendos.

  2. Oh yeah? I stood there while the skiers crossed my path coming from opposite directions. And you can sure tell that it's freezing cold because of the screeching sound that the skis are making. The same sound my shoes made the other day. We have a special word for that kind of snow (when it's way below zero) but I guess there isn't one in English.

    Just as the skiers went by, there were two people who walked past me, as you can hear on the tape. The other one was walking her dog, so I had to mention that too, just in case, though it's very unlikely anybody would pick up the poor daschund's steps.